As a flexible company, we focus our strengths as effectively as possible.
That's why our company philosophy is heavily geared towards the needs of our customers.

We ensure up-to-date knowledge and the best industry expertise through
continuous training and further education of all our employees, as it's always
been a top priority for us to be using the current latest technology and manufacturing
technology available for plant engineering in Austria.

As a reliable, Styrian service provider for the industrial plant, plant technology
and prototype engineering and/or construction sectors, we see ourselves as
a strong partner for your individual contracting work, manufacturing or milling.

We manage our company
according to the following points

  • The most modern CNC milling and CNC rotation
  • Comprehensive knowledge (special machines)
  • Quality of our products
  • Flexibility towards our customers (planning, consultation, production)

Plant and parts production

The focus of these five business fields is on prototype construction, small and mini series, contracting manufacturing, component assembly and computer-controlled robot systems. Therefore, the company philosophy is strongly focused on the needs of our customers and that's why, as a flexible small company, we try to offer our customers the best technical consultation possible, as well as the most modern production technology. To round off our product and service portfolio, we have the quality management certification EN 9100, with which we are part of a pool of approx. 40 companies across Austria.

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Success is our service

  • Profit from our expertise
  • Competitive edge through innovation
  • New ideas through a different perspective
  • Monitoring as a result of continuous documentation
  • Use of proven solutions
  • Use of experts as required
  • Safety through decades of experience
  • Rapid support and long-standing partnerships
  • Sustainability through the transfer of knowledge

Business divisions





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